Past Scholarship Recipients

In 2022, SAC was proud to provide scholarships to Gill Kuroiwa of Blackstone Studio, among others.

Gill Kuroiwa of Blackstone Studio

                                                                                    Hi, I'm Gill Kuroiwa, recipient of one of SAC's scholarships for                                                                                      2022. In July I was able to attend my first Suzuki Institute                                                                                              where I completed my Cello Book 5 training thanks to the                                                                                            generosity of SAC. 


                                                                                    Up until 2021, my experience as a student and teacher had                                                                                        been completely traditional so when the SAA made Suzuki                                                                                          training available online, I was able to satisfy my curiosity                                                                                            about the method and take a Book 1 class. Since then, I've

                                                                                    taken 6 courses and loved getting to know the Suzuki                                                                                                    Method and Suzuki community. Having never completed in                                                                                        person training until this unit, my experience at Peaks to                                                                                              Plains Institute was a totally new one for me. I loved getting to watch a group of student cellists progress through the week day by day. When watching online observations, there are often gaps in time between taped lessons so getting to watch real-time progress was really exciting. 


I'm thankful for an inspiring week of training by Blake Brasch and a tremendous amount of learning alongside a beautiful community of teachers, kids, and parents. My sincerest gratitude to SAC for this opportunity.