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Instructions for String/Flute/Guitar  and Piano Graduation


 Graduation Requirements


In keeping with Dr. Suzuki’s high-performance standards and recognition of the meritorious achievement on the part of so many students, the Suzuki Association of Colorado has established

the following guidelines for graduation:


-Students must be studying with a current SAC member.

-The student should be currently studying more advanced repertoire than the level of graduation.

For example, a student graduating from Book 1 should be at least halfway through Book 2

at the time of application.

-The student must have completed and memorized all the pieces in a book

    to graduate from that book.




1. The student will submit a recording of his/her playing the pieces specified on the repertoire lists for each instrument. Click here for the repertoire list for piano. Click here for the repertoire list for other instruments.


2. There is a $25 fee for each student applying for graduation. Students applying for more than one

graduation level must submit a $25 fee for each level that is submitted for evaluation.


3. Recordings are due May 31, 2018.


4. The student’s SAC teacher must approve that the recording is suitable for submission.

(See evaluation guidelines).


5. Recordings submitted without the required graduation pieces or other required pieces

(see graduation repertoire list)  will be disqualified for graduation.  Students may resubmit recordings

which lack required pieces or are not approved for graduation.


6. Name Files as follows: LastName_Instrument_BookLevel_SongTitle. For example, Schumann_Viola_Book3_Minuet.m4a (you may submit each recording separately). 

We accept both mp3 and m4a files.


7. Tempos should reflect the speed of the recordings.


All students accepted for graduation are invited to perform in the

SAC String/Flute/Guitar Graduation Recital at Fall Festival, 2018 


If you are unable to submit your payment through PayPal, please contact


Submit your graduation video below

(You do not need a dropbox account to submit a file)
However, if you do have a dropbox account, you can also submit your recording directly from your own dropbox by
sharing the file with cosuzuki.graduation@gmail.com

*Special Considerations- Please inform us if there are special considerations we should take when evaluating, such as learning or physical differences which may affect performance.