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Donate Instruments

Donate instruments, funds and musical supplies to the organizations on this list to benefit victims of the Marshall Fire 2021. 

If you or someone you know has been affected by the Marshall Fire, please contact us so that we can be in touch about additional resources.

Send additional donation resources to be listed to



Working with the Boulder Valley School District and our repair partner, CIOMIT, Bringing Music To Life is making instruments available to many students who lost theirs in the Marshall fires.  Our first delivery of a dozen refurbished instruments will be made in mid-January. By the end of the month, 40 or so young musicians whose instruments were lost to fire will have newly restored instruments to play. We are not asking for donations of instruments at this time, since we still have a number of instruments from last year’s drive. Donations to our instrument repair fund, however, are most welcome.


In an initial survey of Center for Musical Arts families, we have learned of several who have lost homes, and of course instruments and musical accessories therein. By waiving tuition for affected students, offering our building’s practice facilities, and building upon the existing resources of our instrument bank and sheet music lending library, we hope to offer these students the much-needed respite of music. If you feel inspired to help this effort, your donations towards our Marshall Fire Relief Fund would be put to excellent use. Go to the Festival’s Support page and select “Marshall Fire Fund” from the pulldown menu. click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want to share with site visitors.


Through the end of January, all donations made on this page will go directly toward replacing musical instruments lost in the Marshall Fire in Boulder County. If you are able to donate an instrument or make a monetary donation below, we will give you a complimentary pair of tickets to the Bluebird Music Festival. If you need to replace an instrument, please contact us. We are able to be reached at Tax deductible donations may be made below. Thank you!


Instruments Needed


Students and families in Boulder Valley School District who have been impacted by the Marshall Fire have lost everything, including their personal musical instruments and school loaned instruments.  If you have any of the following instruments in working condition that you are willing to donate, please drop them off or mail them to 6715 E 134th Ave., Thornton, CO  80602, and email or call (720) 465-2112 for pickup in the Denver area.  


This is from Kathy Kucsan, education director: "Our hearts go out to our community as we face the enormous, shocking losses brought about by the Marshall Fire. We're aware that so many have been directly affected. We want you to know that we'll be here for you after you sort through immediate needs, and our Heartstrings Program has resources available. Here are the ways in which we can help: If you're a Center for Musical Arts student who is directly affected, we will waive your tuition for lessons, classes, and ensembles for this term. We are organizing a musical instrument drive to gather instruments for anyone who has lost theirs. We can loan or gift instruments, especially to kids involved in public school music programs. If you need an instrument or have one to give, please let us know. We are making studio space available at no charge to anyone who would like to stop by and practice, alone or with others. Please complete our Marshall Fire Relief form to let us know how we can help. Music doesn't provide food or shelter, but hopefully it can offer some solace during this time. Please connect with us to help make that happen. Kathy Kucsan Education Director and Co-Founder

"Nuestros corazones se encuentran junto a nuestra comunidad al enfrentar las pérdidas que han sido enormes y remecedoras debido al Incendio de Marshall. Sabemos que muchos de ustedes se han visto afectados directamente. Queremos que sepan que estaremos aquí para ustedes después de que organicen sus necesidades inmediatas, y nuestro Programa Heartstrings tiene recursos disponibles. Aquí indicamos las maneras en que podemos ayudar: Si eres estudiante del Center for Musical Arts que se ha visto afectado directamente, te eximiremos de la matrícula para lecciones, clases y ensembles en este periodo. Estamos organizando una campaña de instrumentos musicales a fin de reunir instrumentos para todos aquellos que hayan perdido los suyos. Podemos prestar o donar instrumentos, especialmente a niños que participan en programas musicales de escuelas públicas. Si necesitas un instrumento o tienes uno para donar, no dejes de contactarnos. Estamos poniendo a disposición espacio en el estudio gratuitamente para cualquiera que quiera visitar y practicar, solo o con otras personas. Completa nuestro formulario de Ayuda por el Incendio de Marshall para comunicarnos cómo podemos ayudar. La música no aporta comida o albergue, pero esperamos que pueda ofrecer algo de alivio en estos momentos. Conecta con nosotros para ayudar a hacer esto realidad. Kathy Kucsan Directora de Educación y Co-Fundadora"

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