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Student Scholarships

Application deadline is: February 15, 2023

In 2023, the Suzuki Association of Colorado is proud to offer two $500 scholarships to assist with the cost of attending a Suzuki Institute.


  • Colorado resident of one year

  • Holds a current family (associate) membership

  • Completed application

  • Youtube or Vimeo links of student performing a most recent polished piece.  Piano Accompaniment is strongly encouraged.  

  • Two Letters of Recommendation (see form below)

  • Letter from student/family stating financial need and interest in attending a Suzuki Institute. (See form below.)

  • Preferred: Recipients who are willing to do some volunteering with SAC. If an applicant is not willing or unable to, the reasons for that will be factored into the decision making process.

Recipients are required to do a write-up about their experience which will be published in the SAC newsletter.  Members of the SAC Board are eligible to apply for student scholarships for their family. Scholarship committee members are not eligible for scholarships. The exception would be if there were unused scholarships because not enough other people applied for the scholarships.  If there is unused scholarship money during a given year, then the Board will decide whether to keep the money, or award it to board members to attend SAA convention (or similar) activities.

For more information, contact

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